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About Us

About Biswocare Foundation

Biswocare Foundation is an Non-profit organisation, dedicated to empowerment of unprivileged and backward children in India. The objective of the NGO is to improve the standard of education, good health and a healthy environment. Biswocare Foundation is committed in upliftment through Education, Health and a Clean Environment in over 1000 remote villages and slum areas across all the states of India. Education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. Children education cannot be isolated at any cost for better future of India. Biswocare Foundation works for a quality Education, good Healthcare and a clean environment.

The founder of Biswocare is Biswonath Mahakul. It was founded on Aug 4, 2019. Biswomath Mahakul is a Social worker of the motto “Stand for Healthy Society by Good Education, Good Health and A better Environment “ in early age. For that purpose, he is starting the new firm “ BISWOCARE” – Focus rights on Education, health, and environment


Providing the best support for unprivileged people through Quality Education, good Environment & Health.


Social transformation of people by three core values of Biswo care
in future days.

Our Steps


Adopt/Collaborate with Primary/Secondary schools to provide text books, note books, uniforms, building/helping to build infrastructure, sponsoring tuition/admin/any other form of school fee.


Spread of education by spreading awareness amongst the parents and the communities and every child about needs of quality education which is the legitimate right of all children, no matter which social or economic background .


To promote, organize, encourage conservation of natural resources and environment protection by plant saplings, educating society to keep our environment clean. To promote, organize, encourage study and enhance knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature


To reimburse/sponsoring the expenses of pre hospitalization, during hospitalization and post hospitalization any kind of diseases of children. To reimburse/sponsor the medical insurance premium of children.